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Namaste is an Interdenominational Center where acceptance and freedom from judgment nurture your personal and spiritual journey.
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Dear Namaste Soul Family,

I would love to share an update on where we stand on the new building:

New Namaste Center Building Plan

New Namaste Center Building Plan

The land is paid for, and we have approximately $100,000 towards the cost of the building and other related expenses. The overall cost looks to be right around a million dollars.

Several of the Namaste board members met with the bank, which has a history of working with church groups to provide financing for a new building.

The bank requires that Namaste solicit pledges from the congregation towards the operating expenses and the building fund to qualify for a loan. They want an idea or projection of our anticipated future income for the few years, based on pledges from the church members.

Monthly Budget:

The budget is currently at $10,000.00 a month. Our income is also about $10,000.00. The budget standing is provided in the bulletin each Sunday so that everyone can be aware of the status. If it is easier for you to pay your pledge monthly, then you can put your check in the basket once a month. We also offer an opportunity to pay online at

Estate Planning:

This year The Namaste Center has been blessed with generous contributions from the estates of members who have passed away. I invite you to consider including The Namaste Center in your estate plans as this enables us to carry our mission and ministry into the future.

Please go into your heart space and do what feels right for you. You are all appreciated very much.


Signature, Charlotte

Founder and Spiritual Leader


You'll want to gather with friends and enjoy these fundraising events. Please check the calendar for the many events not listed on the home page.

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