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The New Namaste CenterĀ  for Spirituality, Healing and the Arts!

Dear Soul Family,

It is with much gratitude and joy that I can share with you that we have closed on our 3 acre property at Highland Lake. The land is absolutely beautiful and sacred and I know that together we will be perfect stewards of the land and co create a Center that will bless our Namaste Center Community and the world!

We could not have found a more perfect architect than Richard Caldwell. Richard has designed a building that is congruent and honoring of the land and using bio-geometry. The energy of the space will be healing for all who enter. Our Center will also be beautiful and a landmark in the Flat Rock Community!

Now that we own the land and have the plans, we are asking for your support! This project which includes a 6000 square foot structure, paved entrance from Highland Lake Road and many healing features is projected to cost 1 million dollars. I know that it is already done and the mission is accomplished. I am open and receptive to see how the universe provides this need. If you are willing to support this venture, your tax-deductible contribution would be greatly appreciated.

If you are not in a position to donate at this time, we would be grateful for your support of prayers and blessing.

Thank you for sharing from your heart,

Rev. Charlotte McGinnis
561 386 5963


A walk in the woods is something very special when it will become the site of an exciting Spiritual Center in Flat Rock N.C..

Rev. Charlotte McGinnis is on the move with a cutting edge community of free thinkers who are changing the traditional idea of a "church" into a community based support group whose greatest ideals are based in "love." Contribute to our crowd funding campaign at


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