A Course of Love with Mary and Cat

A Course of Love with Mary and Cat

at: The Namaste Center

time 10:00 am

Every Monday from

August 1, 2016

Mary Fiquet 3Cat Oaks

          Mary Fiquet                                      Cat Oaks

About 30 years ago, following the appearance of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), A course of Love
(ACOL) was received. ACIM appeared at a time where the illusion of our separated state from
God was the illusion for which a cure was needed, and within ACIM, offered.
Perception is the result of learning,and the mind is the realm of perception. ACOL takes a step
away from the realm of perception by appealing to the heart and the heart’s ability to learn in a
new way.

Thus, in ACOL, we do not apply thought nor effort, our usual way of learning. This course is not
for the mind but for the heart. It is not a way of thought and effort but a way of feeling, of ease,
and of direct relationship with Who we are in Truth. While ACIM was a call to remember Who We Are, ACOL is a call to BE Who We Are. Join us on this pathway of the heart, where together we remember what it is to live from Love.