Chair Yoga with Kathleen Sweeney

Chair Yoga with Kathleen Sweeney

Kathleen Sweeney
time 1:00 pm

Every Wednesday from

November 29, 2017

Wednesdays at 1pm
Love Offering

This class combines yoga postures done in a chair with balance practices that have been proven to improve stability and mobility. No need to get on the floor but there will be lessons on how to get up from it, from time to time. There will be some standing. Please wear clothing that is comfortable and socks as we will work without shoes. This is a lighthearted practice – prepare to have fun! Donation based. One hour in length. Wednesdays at one pm at Namaste.

Kathleen taught Balance for Seniors under the guidance and direction of her mother’s Gerontologist, Dr. Kahn. She taught and played with the seniors in her mom’s town of Huntsville, Alabama for at least the last two years she cared for her mom full time. It was so helpful for her mom who had a falling issue (breaking bones) and some of the movements are derived from the physical therapy process after the falls. She watched people in class give up their canes and walkers. The people were aged 50 – over 100. No one had a fall during the time she was working with them.