HeartSong: Building Communities of Practice

HeartSong: Building Communities of Practice

time 11:00 am

August 13, 2017

Sunday, August 13th
11am Celebration Guest Musician

2-4pm Seminar
HeartSong: Building Communities
of Practice $30

Whether you’re in a small church with limited resources, or in a larger place looking for a way to help your community find and/or build its collective voice, learn to play together, say yes to the Spirit, and be transformed, HeartSong is the workshop that will enable you to deepen your community of practice, through the shared creation of sound and silence. We will listen deeply to the spirit within, reclaim the joy of group learning by rote, utilize repetition, and engage our oft ignored ability to harmonize on the spot.
With simple chants and global songs, we’ll have a day of transformation and deep fun. Sing your way to your sweetest identity, individually and collectively, each person open to sharing more of who they are becoming and confident that the spiritual work they do to become their best selves will be honored and be integrated into the larger community. There will be singing, drumming, movement, and group improvisation (Yes You Can!), – all of which will leave your community with more tools to invite, encourage, and include absolutely everyone.