Miracles & Healing

Miracles & Healing

Rev. Joan Rogers
time 3:00 pm

Every Thursday from

January 11, 2018


February 16, 2018

Thursdays at 3pm (Begins on Jan. 11)
with Rev. Joan Rogers

Love offerings accepted

This class offers a healing experience through meditations and teaching. The works listed below are just a small number of the miraculous contributions made throughout the ages, for the healing of the heart and soul of human beings. Please join us as we delve into their gifts and apply them to our daily lives, bringing about health and happiness. In order to benefit from their wisdom, we must ‘do the work’ and ‘become’ that which we teach. For all those whose hearts have been broken, this gathering will correct and support the way we experience OURSELVES in relation to a loving Universe, of which we are a grand part! Self-Love & Self-Forgiveness are the keys to healing. (Class will continue past 6 wks. if desired.)

This new series begins Jan. 11th at 3:00 pm Thursdays :

1st Week; 1/11: Receiving miracles & healing in my life. What are miracles & how does they work?

2nd Week: 1/18: The levels of healing – body, mind, spirit, soul, bringing miracles into your life. Can I alter my DNA? (Guest speaker: Jubi is a Teacher of God who teaches through her personal experience, the power of unqualified forgiveness & unconditional love to heal.)

3rd Week: 1/25: Mystical & Ancient healing, Kundalini energy, Chakra work, meditation, spiritual practices. (Guided Kundalini/healing meditation by guest speaker Jagdeesh, of Namaste’)

4th Week: 2/1: Place Forgiveness holds in all healing.

5th Week: 2/8: Goddess/feminine energy in healing. (Native American Grandmothers/shaman drumming circle with Running Wolf, of Namaste’)

6th Week: 2/15: Energy healing affirmations, prayers, hands-on, various great healers in history.

Texts/Works include A Course in Miracles, St. Germain, Secret Teachings of All Ages, Mary Baker Eddy, Soul Retrieval, I-Ching & the Genetic Code, Mother Aurobindo’s Mind of the Cells and many more.

Please register for the class by Jan. 5th, 2018.

Bio: Rev. Joan has been teaching the Course in Miracles and related subjects on healing for the past 25 years. She also founded an international prison ministry and offered Miracle Recovery programs in prisons around the country for 10 years. Rev. Joan has begun her ministry work in the Asheville area officiating weddings and sharing her healing and teaching practice.As an ordained non-denomination minister, Joan has served her community, both locally and internationally. Joan can be reached for more information at #828-2-676-1422