Primordial Sound Meditation with Ed Carrasquillo

Primordial Sound Meditation with Ed Carrasquillo

Ed Carrasquillo playing flute
time 6:00 pm

Every Last Sunday from

January 28, 2018


December 31, 2018

Every Fourth Sunday of the Month at 6pm
an Evening with Eduardo Carrasquillo!

sound meditation
After a more than full house event in February, Ed is offering his PSM workshop again….make sure to arrive early to get a spot!

Cost $10

Please join us, as we relax and take a beautiful journey together. Ed has the ability to relax your mind, body, and spirit, by incorporating various sounds, vibrational textures, and his soft voice. To take you on a beautiful and relaxed mind, body, and spiritual journey. You will hear the sounds of whales singing in the deep waters, native flutes, Tibetan bowls, and other relaxing sounds to help guid your journey. This is a must needed experience for all ages. An incredibly powerful healing and relaxing gift to yourself.

You are welcome to contact Ed at:
561-389-7282 for details and or questions.

Please bring at least one or two pillows, something soft to lay on. And at least one to two blankets. If you prefer to sit, we will provide a seated arrangement for you as well. Namaste and I’ll see you then.