Second Saturday – Cosmic Music Scene

Second Saturday – Cosmic Music Scene

at: The Namaste Center

Brian and Pam Crissey and Aurora Fox
time 7:00 pm

Every Second Saturday from

March 11, 2017


August 31, 2017

Aurora Fox, Pam and Brian Crissey

2nd Saturday of the Month
 Aurora has recently had surgery and we are hoping the Cosmic Music will continue in July!  In the meantime, please keep her in your prayers!
In this session, cosmic metachannel Aurora Fox will transmute into beautiful new music the energies of four recent crop circles. Furthermore, the assembly will co-create an energy essence for St. Agnes of Rome, (StAoR) the patron saint of the Alliance of Divine Love. Attendees will receive a bottle of that new energy. Come and share the high energy of a new day coming.


Each gathering co-creates a new cosmic-energy essence by focusing the powerful group intention into a vessel of pure receiving water. We live in a reality that is co-created by our intentions, which is how we collectively create a better world.