Storytelling with Bob Troudt

Storytelling with Bob Troudt

What is your story?
time 6:30 pm

Every Third Thursday from

November 16, 2017


January 1, 2018

Love Offering

We all have stories to share and stories we have never heard. This group will begin with real stories we have heard or experienced. This may be something funny that happened at the grocery store this morning or a life changeing event. Hopefully the stories will lift us up, make us chuckle or give us something to bring home and think about. Through our stories we will learn about our similarities and differences.

At each gathering we will introduce ourselves and share something with the group about ourselves; there is always an option to pass if you wish. After a moment of silence we will begin our stories. After each share we will pause in silence and take turns reflecting our thoughts of the experience and/or offer ideas.