Women’s Peer Support Group Facilitated by Julie O’Connell Considine

Women’s Peer Support Group Facilitated by Julie O’Connell Considine

Julie O'Connell Considine
time 4:00 pm

Every Wednesday from

August 2, 2017


No meeting on July 26th, 2017
Wednesdays: 4:00-5:30pm (started on July 12th)
Cost: $20
(no one turned away for lack of funds)
Today most women can expect to live longer, healthier and active lives. However, along with new opportunities, modern life has created new challenges for women of all ages. Older and younger women now find themselves juggling multiple rules and transitions. Many must learn to adjust to physical changes, loss of loved ones and new living arrangements.
 Some women struggle with serious health conditions that limit their mobility. Others must abandon work or social activities to care for aging parents or an ailing spouse. We are always experiencing change! 
Julie Considine has sponsored and facilitated women’s support groups for the past 35 years. One of her primary goals for this group is to have FUN, PLAY, RELAX and support other women as we solve common problems. share our joys and sorrows, access new resources, develop new coping skills to manage changes and losses and feel more in control of our lives. Julie has been a mental health therapist specializing in women’s issues, addiction, family and couples issues for over 35 years and is well known for her lectures on communication, grief/loss, addiction, and teaching the necessary skills to develop close, interpersonal relationships. Peer Support is an essential part of staying healthy emotionally, physically and psychologically. By finding and joining a support group that meets your needs, you can expand your circle of support and have a safe place where you can talk with others about your HOPES, your DREAMS, your TRIALS-essentially ALL of your life. 
Julie stresses that one thing has always been constant in all of her support groups- a strong commitment to friendship and mutual, respectful support. The group weathered the storms of change and loss and strengthened its commitment to each other as a result. The friendships we have formed over the years have provided an on-going circle of support that continues to be there whenever it is needed: the illness of an adult child, a parent’s dying, a career change, the death of a spouse, divorce, family discord, hurt feelings; when living seems like a journey that is too difficult to maneuver. Together, we celebrate the joys of life – new marriages and the marriages of our children, new grandchildren, our own achievements and those of the people we love, the beauty of the natural world, and the richness of our everyday experiences!