The Namaste Center News of October 8th, 2017

Dear Namaste Soul Family,

Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer

Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer

My heart is still singing with joy from the amazing concert and talk shared yesterday with Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer!

The concert was so inspiring and uplifting and we are thrilled that they will be coming back to launch Bob’s new CD in December…

A Peace Party” with a 60’s theme will be sure to be the place to be….
Details coming soon!

We have been taking an inspired look as to how we can make our Center the best it can be and have come up with some really great ideas. As you can see, the format of the newsletter is evolving and will continue to do so.

Also, I am thrilled that we have a new landline designated phone for the center! After many years of my personal phone being the contact phone, I am asking you to please call 828-513-5136 for any and all Namaste Center related issues!

Keep the faith and open your heart to love!

Feeling blessed, hopeful and grateful!

Peace and Love Prevail on Earth,
And so it is!…..Namaste!

Reverent Charlotte Mc Ginnis signature

Fall Harvest Offering
Sunday, October 15th 

Harvest Offering

Harvest Offering

In celebrating and giving thanks to The Namaste Center for its generosity and abundant giving to our community and our world, we will be accepting a Fall Harvest Offering this Sunday in addition to our weekly offerings.  We ask that you go into your heart and contemplate the gifts and blessings you have received from our center.  Thank you for giving from your HEART!
*If you do not attend our Sunday Celebration and have been blessed by our center, we would be grateful to you for your support.


Donate Now!

If you choose to donate by check, 
you can send your gift to:
The Namaste Center

Starting in November, we will be having volunteer teams of 2  in the office Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm.

This will enable us to greet and support those in our Namaste Center Family, and anyone who drops in.
If you are willing and available to take a shift or 2 during the week, contact Kelley Smith, Volunteer Coordinator at:
We will be having an Orientation Meeting on Wednesday, October 25th at 2pm
for everyone interested!
Thank you for your support!

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