The Namaste News and Service Videos of December 3rd, 2017

Dear Namaste Soul Family,

Happy December! In just a few weeks, we will once again be celebrating the Birth of Christ Consciousness! Always a wonderful time of year and a time for us to prepare for our own spiritual rebirth.

I am looking forward to our Holiday Party next week and invite you to join us. Feel free to bring a dish to share and bring your caroling voice, and of course, invite your friends!

This weekend, it was such a delight to have Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer present their CD launch Concert on Friday evening. It was fabulous! The workshop on Saturday, was equally wonderful! I look forward to their return soon!

Today, I walked into the center to the most exquisite surprise….Our Christmas Tree fully decorated in a Peacock Theme! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed, I LOVE it!

Keep the faith and open your heart to love!

Feeling blessed, hopeful and grateful!

Peace and Love Prevail on Earth,
And so it is!…..Namaste!
Reverent Charlotte Mc Ginnis signature