The Namaste News and Service Videos of November 26th, 2017

Dear Namaste Soul Family,

This week, I have experienced the value and love of an awesome spirit family at an even deeper level.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was over the top! The room was beautifully set up, and the food was better than ever. One of the best Thanksgivings that I can remember! Thanks so much to everyone who made this possible.

Our center may be small in numbers, but it is huge in heart. The generosity from each of you to our greater community beyond Namaste is truly amazing. We had a team of volunteers serve 1500 grateful souls a Thanksgiving meal, our outreach to the Homeless Veterans has been blessed with so many wonderful donations of clothing, blankets and lots of items which will keep our friends warm this winter! The IAM ongoing donations of food continue to come in and bless many as well.

As our mission statement says….It is all about BEING the message, and yes we are!

I hope you can join us for the upcoming concert on Friday with Bob Sima. Feel free to wear your groovy 60’s costumes and join the fun!

We also have many events over the holidays to share our blessings, please join us and bring your friends!

Keep the faith and open your heart to love!

Feeling blessed, hopeful and grateful!

Peace and Love Prevail on Earth,
And so it is!…..Namaste!
Reverent Charlotte Mc Ginnis signature