Please Join Us!

Dear Namaste Center Family,

I really missed being with everyone today, but based on the weather, and the dangerous road conditions, I think it was a good idea for us all to stay home!  The community meeting has been changed to next Sunday, so please join us as many great thoughts for the upcoming year will be discussed.

In only 12 days, we will be blessed by the benefit weekend with Gregg Braden and benefit concert with Martha Reich Braden!  Hope you can join us for all of the festivities as I know they will be fun and enlightening!

A peak into 2017:

  • The launching of the Namaste Center Community Outreach Programs
  • Namaste Center Membership
  • Choir led by Anita Robertson
  • Gregg Braden Live in Flat Rock!

So much to look forward to for all of us.

Special Events This Week!

Sunday at Noon: Namaste Center Soul Family Meeting. Pizza and Salad will be served. (Please make every attempt possible to join us!)

I continue to be in awe and gratitude for the blessings that present themselves to our center everyday…we are blessed!

Thank You for your love and continued support!

Peace and Love Prevail on Earth and So It Is!

Signature, Charlotte