The Light of God

Dear Namaste Center Family,

We enjoyed a great evening watching the Super Bowl and sharing a meal yesterday. Although I am not a big fan of football, and had no idea who was even playing….it was really fun and exciting! And Lady Gaga was really awesome too! The best part is that we were able to raise $$ and share food, clothing and blankets with the Interfaith Assistance Ministries. We have also recently donated $1200. to 3 local schools school lunch programs….this is a sad reality that there are children in our community cannot afford to buy lunch.

Sharing our bounty of goods
and Love with IAM!

I am so grateful the the generosity of our community, and I am looking forward to more service opportunities for us to participate in!

I continue to be in awe and gratitude for the blessings that present themselves to our center everyday…we are blessed!

Thank You for your love and continued support!

Peace and Love Prevail on Earth and So It Is!

Signature, Charlotte