The Namaste News of January 21, 2018

Dear Namaste Soul Family,

The New Year continues to be off to a great start! So grateful to everyone who supports us so generously in so many ways!

So many new and wonderful things happening at Namaste and I am delighted to see the enthusiasm and support for our new programs and events. This is a big year for everyone. So much desire and willingness to step up and in to our best selves.

Our SoulFull Celebrations are now on FacebookLive! This is a great way for us to share our message beyond our gathering at Namaste on Sundays! Make sure to let your friends know they can join us anytime!

I am grateful to be sharing this journey with each and every on of you!

Keep the faith and open your heart to love! Feeling blessed, hopeful and grateful!

Peace and Love Prevail on Earth,
And so it is!…..Namaste!
Reverent Charlotte Mc Ginnis signature