Greetings Fellow Spirit Travelers!
I am just a few days away from celebrating a year from my retirement as spiritual leader from The Namaste Center.  My does time fly!  This year has been filled with lots of travel in our RV, visiting family and friends and lots of rest and relaxation.
Although I have been actively involved with supporting the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry however I can, and blogging when I so feel moved,   I have not been called to "do" anything except show up each day with an open heart and mind, ready to serve!
I recently got that "tap on the shoulder" with a message as to what my next step on my journey is.  I have been inspired to share a weekly inspirational message on FacebookLive and possibly move to a larger platform early next year.  
This is so exciting for me as when I reflect on what really makes my heart sing is sharing from my heart.  Having been a minister for 25 years and delivering a message to a congregation on many a Sunday, I knew that being spiritual leader of a church was not where my energy was being called.  
What I know for least for today, is that I am choosing to share from my heart a message that will support anyone who chooses to listen on how to navigate daily challenges of living and being in a body in the world.  The good news is for me, I am free to do this without having to deal with meeting the demands of operating and supporting a center.
I invite you to join me on Sunday's on FacebookLive at 10am starting on October 6th.  If you are already my friend on facebook, just tune in then, please feel free to friend me so you can join us.  I will also upload my messages onto this site so you can listen at your leisure.
Look forward to sharing this journey with you!
Rev. Charlotte McGinnis